WazaCover for Lexus RX has been completed.

WazaCover for Lexus RX has been completed.
Among the worldwide popular SUVs, We chose Lexus RX first.
WazaCover suits you for a wonderful car like Lexus who feels dignity and beauty.
It fits the car body without limit and appeals beautiful lines of the car.
The ultimate fit is a proof that it can stand in strong wind.
We do not use any fixtures such as cords or bands.
Just wear it! It will only take 20 seconds.
Still it has a strong fixed structure that cannot be removed even by strong winds.
Its fabrics use all-weather high-stretch fabric.
In cold weather the snow does not freeze on the fabric.
In a hot burn area, it protects the car body with sufficient insulation effect.
And the most beautiful cover that the customer wants to wear it on a nice car.
The WazaCover staff are confident that the structure of WazaCover is an innovative cover overturning to the history of covering so far.
Please look forward to the success of WazaCover.

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