A glider cover debuts for ASK21

We announced the glider cover which we developed for ASK21 of the university glider tournament in August 8.

◆All-in- one structure (there is no need of a string and the magic tape to tie cloth too.)
◆High-performance expansion and contraction cloth (two levels of structure of the high-performance cloth and mesh cloth)
◆ Waterproofing, water repellency, wind correspondence, insulation effect, simple putting on and taking off
We have the quality of the different dimensions where nobody could catch up with anymore!

We thank Aoyama Gakuin University Air Club for its cooperation in the development.
We started the development of the cover for Motor Falke next.
We increase product models.
Please send your opinion or your demand.
In addition, please share our movie and picture in SNS because we want to introduce a cover to world’s glider fans.

WAZA-COVER accomplishes evolution from now on, as we play an active part for “security, relief, and good quality” for the world’s plane fan.


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