A cover for ASK21 will have its debut soon!

We announce the glider cover for ASK21 with the cooperation of Aoyama Gakuin University Air Club and developed formally on Monday, August 8. The venue is in Menuma gliding field of Kumagaya-shi, Saitama. We perform it in the place of the university opposition glider tournament “Kakuichiro Harada cup”.

・All-in- one structure (there is no need of a string and the magic tape to tie cloth to)
・High-performance expansion and contraction cloth, waterproofing, water repellency, strong wind correspondence, insulation correspondence, simple putting on and taking off.

We have the quality that nobody could catch up with anymore!
Please expect world glider fans!

Detailed information will announced soon.
The development of “the cover for Falke” advances next, too.
Because we increase handling models sequentially, please send your opinion and your demand.

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