Information about the purchase

Conventions on specific trade law

Dealer Patec Japan INC.
Operating Officer Masao ISHIZUKA
Postal code 3510035
Location 2F Nakazawa-BDG, 3-1-44 Asashigaoka, Asaka-city, Saitama-Pref, Japan
TEL +81-48483-4444
FAX +81-48483-4344
Selling price According to each product page
Other charges Remittance charge
Overseas shipping charges
How to order - About your order
For orders, there is an "information about your purchase" in the footer section of the site, and "Contact Us" in each commodity screen.
After confirming your order, we will contact you about the delivery date and amount.

- For further questions
If you have any advance questions that you want to check, please send a message from the inquiry section on the HOME screen.
Payment Method Payment method serves as bank transfer after the commodity arrive.
The commodity arrival is after 7 days ,after it transfers to the bank.
The transfer fee will be burden by the customer.

In the case of orders from abroad it will be credit settlement.
Payment deadline Within seven days after goods receipt.
Delivery time - Delivery time
We will contact you for delivery time after that to confirm if the orders are accepted by the company.
Normally, we deliver the goods for about 3 business days from receiving your order to the guideline.
Holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, in the case of interval of holidays such as Obon holiday there are times when the delivery date will be slower than the usual.
In addition, there is a case that the delivery may be delayed due to availability.
We will carry out the shipment and contact us by e-mail at the time of shipment of goods.
You can check the delivery contractors and slip number. For orders from abroad, it will vary from country to country. Delivery is approximately 1 week.
Returns and Exchanges Regarding to the returned or exchanged by the convenience of our customers, contact us within 7 days after the arrival to the product, please return to the address above.
If this period has expired,the product will not be accepted, please understand in advance.
It should be noted, postage repayment, commission in the case of returned goods, will be carry out by the customer.
For defective products If there is a problem with the goods, such as different products, we will replace it with a new one if there is a responsibility from our company.
Postage in that case we will bear.
Contact us within 14 days after the arrival to the product, please return to the address above by cash on delivery.

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Other verification matter

Delivery company Domestic delivery company will be Sagawa Express.
Domestic shipping anywhere is free of charge.
In the case of orders from abroad, it will deliver at the International Speed mail (EMS).
EMS postage, please bear the actual cost.

In Japan, if you wish to specify the delivery time zone, please specify when ordering.
Packing size and weight With regard to the size and weight of the packaging, it is listed in each product page.
Along with the specification change of goods, there is a case where packing size and weight are subject to change without notice.
For sending e-mail Contact number or e-mail address listed at the time of your order, we recommend the e-mail address of your PC.
If you are using a free e-mail address, please note that there are times that it was sent on the junk mail to our company.
If you want to contact from a mobile phone e-mail address, "@" of that domain can receive, thank you in advance setting.
For Facebook or Twitter, it is also possible that you contact from our SNS site.
Content of inquiry Only the content and related to the company's products and a variety of inquiry only will be accomodated.
And if you want to defame the company or commodity, it does not correspond to the contents of such malicious mischief.
PRECAUTIONS We are packed together with the commodity "Instruction Manual" on your reading to fully understand the attention on the use of the described,and the correct use.
Personal Information Personal information from customers is utilized for the company's business operations, it will be based strictly by the management 's attention.
As long as it does not depend on the good reason of the case such as with laws and regulations, without obtaining your consent of the person in advance, it will not be disclosed and provide personal information to a third party.
Please see the privacy policy for more information.
About the receipt Basically, I can't issue you a receipt, please understand.
The following documents will be an official receipt found at the tax office. We ask to please use that.

- Bank transfer
It is issued from a bank or ATM "available specification" or "transfer slip"
Warranty period The warranty period is one year from the date of sale of the goods described in the warranty card. (As for the glider cover, the warranty period is two years.)
If you have any chance that trouble has occurred to deliver the goods, please contact us.
As long as it is within the warranty period, we will carry out correspondence of exchange or repair as free of charge.
Please send it to our company using cash-on-delivery.

[Even within the warranty period in the following cases it will be enabled for fee. ]
  - If a problem occurs for reasons corresponding to the notes described in the owner's manual or warranty card.
  - If a problem occurs in the product by mounting the provision out of the parts of the vehicle body or fuselage.
  - If the damage due to no natural disaster of so prevents such as earthquakes, typhoons, fire or malfunction occurs.
  - other, if the damage caused by your intentional or failure has occurred.
For repair Costs and freight costs associated with, such as repair and improvement of the cover due to the convenience of our customers we will pay to customers.
If attached to, such as repair and improvement of the cover, and that we can support, there is a thing that can not be.
Please contact us for more information and our personnel.
In that case, it may be easier to determine that you can send a simple illustrations and photos.
Response when problems occur - Support of the way
If you experience a problem with the cover, and the principle that the attempt to resolve by using the e-mail, telephone, mail or the like.
Or have our gross negligence, or if the scene in the emergency response is required, we will respond promptly.

- Disclaimer
The Company also will not be responsible if you any problems in that were ignored the contents described in the ”Information about Purchase" has occurred.
In addition, even if a problem because it was used in a state where there is a failure or malfunction in the product occurs, we shall not be liable.
About Link This site is link free. It is fine if you have link freely on any page.
Contact us at the time of the link is also unnecessary.
Made-to-order Please contact us when you would like a special order that corresponds to the provisions outside of accessories.
We will consult the content and delivery time and amount of special orders.

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Replacing the Cover - Projections such as an antenna or a corner pole, please attach the cover from houses or fold.
- Dust and mud, etc., please do not put the cover in a state in which the body of the vehicle is dirty. It may cause damage to the body of the painted surface.
- Because it is a cover that fit to the body shape, if you put it back and forth or left and right, you may not install it beacause it becomes tight.
 Please attach it while checking the right position of the cover. Also, please do not force the installation. It will cause damage to the cover.
Removing the cover - If you removed it in a state in which the cover is wet, such as after the rain, please put the case in a place where it can be dry.
- If it is not used for a long time, eliminate the moist attached to the whole cover, please keep it from drying.
 By the storage location of the environment, it may cause mold and odor.
Danger - When the car cover is installed, please attach it from low temperature, just like a muffler.
 Also, the engine such as aircraft and helicopters, please attach it from low temperature.
 When the temperature is high and the left cover is mounting, there are times that the fabric may be damaged.
- Please do not start the engine while wearing the cover.
- If you are towing a car, please remove the cover. If it is installed, it is very dangerous and might be dangerousalso to the other vehicle and the surrounding.
Warning - If there are typhoons, storms, high winds, gusts, tornadoes, etc., please do not attach and detach the cover in a disaster state.
 If that is the situation, even if the customer is injured or damage occurs, the company will be responsible for it.
- Please do not apply waterproof spray, paint thinner or any chemicals to the cover because it will cause a chemical change, stains, discoloration, and deformation, even if the situation of that would be affected on the human body, the company will be responsible for that.
Caution - Our products are not something that can completely protect the aircraft and the car body in any case.
 There are few scratches due to friction, it may decline the function of the fabric and parts due to aging.
 It will be asked periodically to check the status of the goods, please hand it safely to us.
- Please do not leave the cover wearing for a long time.
 This allows a "crack", "discoloration", "stain", "mold" and likely generated in the vehicle body surface, the company will serve as responsible.
- Cover has been subjected to a water-repellent, waterproof, but the effect is not intended to last forever.
 In addition, the sewing thread that we used, which is water-repellent yarn, It does not guarantee a permanent effect, it does not fully guarantee the infiltration prevention of rainwater from the seam.
- Please do not attach the cover in a state in which the car body and aircraft dirty.
 It will cause damage to the car body and the aircraft. - The cover is for private vehicle. In case of the same model but different brand and even generations of models are either not fit.
 In this case, even the unlikely event that damage has occurred, the company will be responsible for it.
- When mounting the cover, please be sure to fixed at the right point.
 If it was not fixed and trouble was occured, the company will be responsible for that.
- Such as pulling the cover, please do not apply a strong force. By any chance or damaged, even if the customers occured an injury, the company will be responsible for it.
- Specifications and price of the products are subject to change without prior notice.
- Proper nouns such as product names are the registered trademarks of the respective companies.
- Shade of the product may differ from the actual ones depending on your browser.
- In addition, there is some case that the colors may vary depending on our photography and processing.
- Sale period of the product may be terminated without notice.
- If you are installing a roof carrier and roof box, it can not be fitted with a cover.
- If you install a large aero parts other than genuine goods, there is a case where the cover can not be mounted.
Others - Our products are used for human life equipment.
 It is not intended for medical equipment, nuclear power equipment, war and weapons.
Accidents, fires, or even if such occurred social damage, can not assume any responsibility in our company.
Please read carefully the notes and use is safetly.
- In this site, products for Japanese and products for other country are available.
 The product name and car body shape even if it is the same car, please note that there iare some case where size of the car body is different.
- Use the products in the state that it agrees with the content of the "Information about purchase".
If damage to the vehicle body and yourself has occurred, if that has a negative effect, such as by experiment and verification, please understand that it also serves as assume all in our responsibility.

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