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Full Cover

- Style / Design
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【Product cord】G01FS
【Value Price】¥380,000(Consumption tax distinction)

【Adaptation model】Alexander Schleicher ASK 21
【Type of cover】The full cover which covers up the whole body.
  ・Material of the list cloth: Polyurethane(Stretch material)
  ・ Material of the back cloth: Polyester(Stretch Mesh material)
【Characteristic of the cloth】
  ・Water repellency
  ・Insulation effect
【Weight and size】
  ・11.6 kg of gross weight
  ・Storing size: 90cm×90cm
【Color】Right blue
【Body number print】I can accept an order. Additional charge (+ 20,000)
【Term of a guarantee】two years from the purchse
【Putting on and taking off time】When put on and take off it alone;
   approximately five minutes.
【Adherence means】
  ・The adherence with the buckle: Ten places
  ・The adherence with the fastener: Three places
【Transit fare】
  ・Japan: Free shipping
  ・Foreign countries: Actual expenses burden


The main technique of WAZA-COVER applies for PCT international patent.
All one structure (the world's first)
"Waza cover" has a complete built-in structure parts that can be considered as world's first technology. There is no place to tie the parts, no ropes, straps and bands. We only use fastener and belt so that it can easily attach or connect the parts. In addition, rain and even wind cannot destroy the conection of the different parts. The product covers the different side such as front canopy, back, left and right, thus it is said to be the next generation cover.
Stretch cloth (the world's first)
bacause the material is weak and can only work in the inside. It will not guarantee you the durability. Expansion and contraction of the Waza cover material is the world's first that can be use in the outdoor. The material used for covers surface is film, it is water repellant, has its water proof film which is superior to the durability, it is good for any kinds of weather and the color of the cover does not fade away. The back of the cover material is mesh that is made up of polyster fiber, and is also water repellant to endure durabilty.
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One storing case type structure
The measure of the storing case is approximately 90 cm. An arrow is placed to lead you in storing the cover. You can easily wear the cover even in the midst of strong wind. The storing case is connected to the main body of the cover. The different dimension is all set for good quality. "Waza cover" will not stop to improve the product to satisfy the client.
Canopy scuttle cover
Attached is an opening and a shutting type cover on the left side of the canopy. "Waza cover" is a product of hard work to come up with this kind of cover for scutties. It is easy to operate and is fixed strongly againts the wind and the rain. "Waza cover" always wants the best for the client and will not compromise anything.
Wearing procedure -1
Set the cover.
- Set the arrow of the cover case to the front direction.
- You will be able to mount the cover without hesitation to the front, rear, left and right directions.
- Set a case on a canopy and get the nose cover part first.
Wearing procedure -2
Attach to nose part
- Cover the nose of the glider and attach the cover to it.
- Get the main wing part and the back cover from the storing case.
Wearing procedure -3
Fix a body part under the main wing with a fastener and a buckle.
This is structure is a built-in cover.
- With the help of the guide string you can connect alone the under wing cover to the other side.
"WAZA cover can easily attach and detach the cover to the glider.
This is the development policy of WAZA-COVER.”
Wearing procedure -4
Put on the main wing (the world's first)
Attach it to the main wing, (right and left).
The main wing cover is connected to the body cover.
Bring the wing cover towards the wing roof tip, then attach the cover to it.
Nor the wind and rains will not enter the cover inside because of its strong fixation to the glider.
Fix the main wing backside with three places of buckles.
The backside of the main wing is open, that is why WAZA cover installed powerful rubber in the cloth edge of the backside like an arch form and we used belts to secure the tightness of the cover to the wing.
You can put on one piece of main wing alone for approximately 30 seconds.
The number of buckles varies according to the length of the main wing.
(The Ask21 has 3 buckles per wing).
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Wearing procedure -5
Attach a cover to horizontal tail and vertical tail.
Attach the cover to the horizontal tail first.
You do not need to use any fixture at all in here either.
  Eg. (Straps, Vector tape, Ropes and bands).
Then, connect the left and right side of the vertical tail fin, and fasten it.
Wearing procedure -6
Stop the body center with a buckle
The bottom of the body is opened to realize a built-in cover.
You can fix a cover still more strongly by fixing the cloth for right and left with a buckle.
Because powerful rubber is inserted in the edge of the cloth into a an arch form, a feeling of fitting appears to the cover of the body part.

WAZA-COVER wearing image

The animation is a wearing method of the cover for ASK21.
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WAZA-COVER introduction video 2

We added new technology to "WAZA- COVER."
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- "WAZA COVER" is a registered trademark of this product.
- The main technology of WAZA COVER applies for PCT international patent.
- The handling models increase sequentially depending on the demands. Please send a demand.
- Canopy cover are added to the product.
- All the things you are looking for safety, good quality and comfort.
"WAZA got you covered!"

- Specification of the product is subject to change without prior notice.
- Known brand names are listed as company trademarks.
- The hue of the product may differ from the one in the website due to graphic visualization effects.
- Sale of the product is for limited time only. Price of the product may change without prior notice.
- Do not detach the cover.
- Two years guaranteed warranty from the time of purchase.