Report of Messe Nagoya 2016

In Messe Nagoya 2016, many costumers came to the booth of WAZA-COVER.

We would like to give thanks that we received orders and requests from lots of costumer. For the technology and high-performance stretch of the fabric of WAZA-COVER, we also need such as a diversion to other uses. Through the WAZA-COVER with different categories such as automobiles, glider, airplane, helicopter, we hope to deliver the comfort and safety of the costumer. In the next year, we are planning also the commercialization of “motorcycle cover”, which we have received a lot of requests. In addition, we also challenge aggressively to make a variety of covers in other categories.

WAZA-COVER will increase the types of products in the future.
Please contact us for your opinions, requests and suggestions.
We would like to thank everyone for your patronage.

Development Publisher: Patec Japan INC.
Manufacturer: Katayama sewing Co., Ltd.

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