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ZIP: 354-0018
Mutou Building, 2-3-9 Nishimizuhodai, Fujimi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

TEL: (+81)-049-252-4445
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October 10, 2013

◆Date Founded
July 1992

Masao Ishizuka

・Automobile Supplies Development, Manufacturing, and Sales
・Aircraft Supplies Development, Manufacturing, and Sales
・Daily Living Supplies Development, Manufacturing, and Sales
・Patented Technology Development
・Patent Rights, Intecllectual Property Rights, etc., Acquisition, Ownership, Operations, Management, and Licensing

◆Bank Accounts
Saitama Resona Bank Asaka Branch
Sugamo Shin'yo Kinko Asakadai Branch
Japan Post Bank

◆ Group companies

· IBLESS INC. (Saitama-Pref, Japan)

· PatenTech Cebu INC. (Cebu City, Philippines)

◆ Business Partners

- Katayama Sewing Co., Ltd. (Gifu Prefecture, Japan)

- Taiyou International Patent Office (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

- Mirai International Patent Office (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

- Kawasaki Air Co., Ltd. (Chofu, Tokyo, Japan)

- YKK Fastening Products Sales Co., Ltd. (Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

- TORAY. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

- Saitama Industrial Promotion Public Corporation (Saitama Prefecture, Japan)

- BELL HELICOPTER CO.,LTD. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

What's WAZA?

"WAZA" is from the word judo which technology.
It's a new technology Japan can be proud of.
It's an innovative technology of the patent acquisition.
It's a new technology created through the development of the sheer passion without compromise.
WAZA-COVER offers quality that no other brand can catch up with.

Innovative patent technology

The world,s first innovative technology is authorized as patent. Our product proves that it is the only one authorized with patent technology.

Japanese technology to lead the world

We make use of the high quality technology that Japan can be proud of and show to the world. Cloth and a thread, the superior material including parts and an innovative technique fuse, and the completeness of the product increases.

Technology development without compromise

When I found out quality in response to the demand of the customer, along the way we most some difficulties. However, we dislike compromise. Research and development is done in pursuit of every possibility, the origins of WAZA.

A Questioning mind

The new technology in a certain field brings innovative changes and most of the time these changes spell the difference. A “questioning mind” brings out the best in us and drives us to seek technological advancement.

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